Life can be broken down into small moments of thought. All the better if they are accompanied by a nice warm mug of steaming hot leaf soup. otherwise know by the general populace as tea. Through my ponderings I attempt to make some sense of the world around me. I am a single mother to four amazing children. We are all autistic and think of it as our superpower as we navigate this crazy path through life. With a superpower always comes kryptonite though, so we have some things that are harder to deal with everyday. Some of them simple to avoid like certain food groups or textures, others more difficult like bright lights and people! My aim is to make time for a cup a day, but life does not always allow for such things, so if you’re along for the ride please understand if there are bumps on the road.

Our journey so far has been unusual and I will surely think about it as I go along, but I have a varied background. I am a costume designer, but have been a nightclub manager, high school teacher, landscape gardener, outdoor activity instructor and even made cardboard boxes! Now I spend most of my time writing and growing plants while helping my children grow too. I have a crazy collie, a cat who likes to find me mice and five chickens (including a boy with a big voice). And I live in a totally unpronounceable Welsh village.

Enjoy your time here, and don’t forget to bring your own leaf soup.

Bex Raven Oxide